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Our Achaar

Apasa’s artisan spicy and tangy Green Chili Achaar (fermented relish) is hand crafted with love and care. We value health of the land and our bodies through every step in our process: from our 100% organic ingredients to keeping our achaar's gut-healthy probiotics. Each flavor-packed bite supports farms that regenerate our soil, water, and climate.

Our achaar uses clean and simple organic ingredients rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties:

jalapeños, lemon juice, mustard seed, sea salt, high-oleic cold pressed sunflower oil, turmeric.

How to eat Apasa Achaar?  Eat it with anything you want to add a probiotic punch of flavor and spice!  Our customers have eaten it with South Asian food, on a sandwich, with mac and cheese, on pasta, bratwursts - whatever you can dream up! A small spoonful goes a long way.

Where to find us? You can buy direct from us (email! We are also actively working to get into stores and will be selling online by May/June 2024!


Our Story


Apasa Foods™ was started by Shalini Gupta in 2022 as a search for tasty, healthy south asian staples that were grounded in a practice of place, history, and social justice.  Shalini has for the past 25 years worked on environmental health, climate justice, and toxic pollution policy issues. After her own health scares with asthma, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol, she became committed to exploring what balance and belonging (in body and spirit) looked like, through Apasa. 


Pramila Vasudevan, Apasa's creative director, plays a critical role in the research and development of new products, and our company's practice of being in good relationship with place and community. 

The name Apasa™ plays off the Sanskrit word "ap" for water and reciprocity. It is an offering to be better connected and in reciprocity with the ancestral lands of the Dakota and Ojibwe people (Minnesota), that we now call home.  

Contact Us:

Shalini Gupta, Founder/CEO

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Integrity in our Ingredients

We are committed to supporting small organic farms and just labor practices across our supply chain

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Co-op Partners Warehouse

Co-op Partners Warehouse is a certified-organic, wholesale distributor in the Upper Midwest. 

Apasa partners with CPW to  source our organic peppers, heart healthy sunflower oils, and lemon juice -  because CPW believes in partnering with small farmers and family farms who practice sustainable, organic agriculture.

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Frontier Co-op

Apasa partners with Frontier Co-op to source our organic, fair trade spices.  We support their mission to provide high quality, socially responsible products that include commitments to product quality, Fair Trade, organics, integrity, social responsibility and sustainable operations.

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Redmond Real Salt

At Apasa, we wanted to find a domestic mineral salt where labor practices were transparent. We like Redmond Real Salt because:

  • It comes from a pristine, underground salt deposit in Utah left behind by an ancient sea, containing 60+ trace minerals.

  • Real Salt and Himalayan salt (mined in Pakistan) are similar.

  • It's is sustainably mined with an awareness of environmental impact and ethical labor practices.

Watch the process: Mine to Table

Charu G.

"Apasa's probiotic pickle tastes exactly like the achaar I grew up with in Mumbai!”

Pat S.

"Apasa Achaars spice up our barbeques, they are great on top of hot dogs and burgers!"

Kate E.

“I love that Apasa uses sustainable ingredients, its a woman owned company, its local, its delicious."


In addition to our dear family and friends, farmer and ingredient sourcing partners, we thank these organizations that have helped get us this far:

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